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A readability score is the quality of which a reader can understand a written text. When it comes to creating content for your website, text should not be overly complicated. This will make your potential customers very bored, very fast, and they may skip vital aspects of your webpages. Simplicity is key. There are online tools that can test document readability. Our preferred software at Assemble is Readable, which we use to optimise your website and all other content. This could be social media posts and blog content.

Your readability score is a number that tells you how simple your text is for users. It evaluates the length of sentences and words, as well as grammar and spelling. Our agency can guarantee you a top-ranking score after updating your content. When your website is more user-friendly, this leads to more conversions and a better SEO performance.

We offer a free readability test to all our clients! We love to watch our clients thrive against competition, and therefore we work hard to identify issues and mistakes in your creative copy.