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A/B Testing

A/B Testing is the process that compares two versions of a website page or app, to see which performs better overall. These almost identical pages are shown to users at random, and analysed for conversion purposes. Using top A/B Testing tools, we collect data from website browsers. Using this data, we can decide how to implement changes within the website, and which aspects we should keep. These can include visuals of images, headlines and layout. It is a quick process that produces instant results and does not require more speculation.

A popular platform for digital marketers is Optimizely, which measures the interaction between users and both website pages. The data is collected in an analytics dashboard to see whether the change has a positive, neutral or negative effect. Changes can then be made or reversed. A/B Testing is useful for continual optimisation of your website. We assure our clients by regularly testing and improving the performance of their website, so they are always ahead of competition. We make sure their goals are satisfied, whether concerning conversion rates or website traffic.

At Assemble, we are passionate about helping our clients, but also their customers! A user's experience should be simple and positive, always. Contact us for more details.