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Emoji Optimisation

The use of emojis in search results is soaring. For a few years, emojis have been used to optimise marketing campaigns by appealing to the humour aspect. More recently, websites allow you to register emojis with domain names. Emojis appeal to a customer's visual and when used within the right context, prove measurable results.

Some websites rank on Google even without an emoji on their website. For example, searching an ice-cream emoji on Google may bring up the closest ice-cream parlour to your location. However, this often brings up different results to a text search. Searching the word 'ice-cream' may bring up a recipe page or factual page about the history of ice-cream. This is vital information for local SEO, depending on what your business wants to achieve.

Emoji SEO is becoming more and more popular as the new generation prefer to communicate through images and symbols. If a business can rank highly on Google using both text and emojis, why not? Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of emoji optimisation.