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A schema markup ensures that your website is more visible in search results on websites such as Google or Bing. By adding schema to a website, additional text, images and URLs are included on the search page. This makes the website appear instantly more interesting, informative and positive for users. Your listings are more likely to stand out next to others, due to extra detail.

The aim of the internet is to provide useful and accurate information, and therefore schema markups help this to happen. It is fair to rank highly a website on Google with helpful details. The user's experience will be better and this should result in more conversions and leads. Therefore, schema is beneficial for both businesses and customers. Schema is particularly useful for local businesses. People use voice assistants to search the locations, prices and reviews for certain products without even visiting the company website. It is very important that your content ranks highly within these search results.

Schema markups are currently being used far less than they should. We at Assemble are forward thinkers; tools that set aside competition should be taken advantage of. If Google understands the page content better, then the next person will! Contact us below for a clear explanation on what schema can do for your business.