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Heatmaps are graphical representations of data that show the most interactive aspects on a website page. These are useful for us to see exactly what users are clicking on and scrolling past. Using data, we can optimise the webpages further by creating more articles, forms or whatever the users are interacting with most. We can also eliminate aspects that are seemingly ignored or causing frustration.

Depending on the industry and stance of your business, heatmap trends change variably. There are three different types of heatmap: scroll maps, click/touch maps and move maps. These work on both desktop and mobile applications, and we can identify whether there is a difference in the way users interact between both. For example, content that is shown at the top of a desktop page may be shown at the bottom of a mobile page. Therefore, users will most likely not reach this content, even if it is an important or interesting section.

If your business is concerned with gaining better conversions or interactions, let us know. Our knowledge of analytic tools and platforms is to be beaten. We produce clear, concise data every time to guarantee understanding from both our clients and our team!