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Session Recording

Session Recording is a tool which allows you to record visitor movements on a website. You are able to see mouse clicks, page changes, scrolling and filling out of forms. Session Recording is an extremely useful tool, as unlike heatmaps, you can watch the videos in real time and detect possible defects of the website. For example, if a button does not work, the user will click multiple times in frustration, and other technical errors. You can also see sections of a webpage that the user stops to read, and others that they will scroll past. This is useful for content creation, to use optimal text and images that demonstrate positive interaction.

Here at Assemble, we work with user session recording software such as Mouseflow. This tool allows us to see the location of the user, the duration of the session and which device the page is viewed on. There are often problems encountered on separate devices, including desktop and mobile. The location of a user is particularly important as it shows where the main source of traffic is coming from. Depending on the outcome, your business may want to change the target audience.

Session recording helps to maximise conversions and optimise websites. Through monitoring forms and creating interactive surveys, you can delve into the minds of real-life users. Get in touch with our tech-savvy team today!