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Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is a vital part of both search engine optimisation (SEO) and data and reporting. Many companies do not have the time or understanding of such a complex platform. In most cases, it is used incorrectly. Without sufficient data, how can businesses learn from and thrive on their mistakes? The Google Analytics audit tool is there to take advantage of Google Sheets and API. It is a particularly useful tool to review your current website.

Before starting, we first evaluate the current website's performance with an Analytics audit checklist. Using this, we draw up a list of improvements and actions to take. Then comes the audit report, which rates each aspect of your website performance as a pass or fail. The most common problems are due to coding or applying the correct filters. We detect these issues straight away and work on eliminating them, to provide clear and concise data that is beneficial for both teams.

It can be difficult to get your head around how to configure Google Analytics. There are so many different tools and integrated systems to help filter and simply your data. With our tech-loving team, we delve deeper into dashboards, custom reporting and custom events management.