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Custom Events Management

Google Analytics is a platform to track certain events on your website. These include visited and exited pages, bounce rates, video plays and session durations. A feature that allows you to customise the events that are most relevant to your brand and audience is the Google Analytics Custom Event Tracking tool.

We can track events using call-to-action buttons. These are the buttons on each webpage that direct users to take action. An example is 'buy now' or 'click for more information'. Each time a button is clicked, Google Analytics records the data and puts it all together in a chart. We can see what time the user performed the action and if it was a unique event. Depending on which button you consider the most important, we can also see which was clicked on the most. This could be exploring the menu button or a form download. The data is then presented in a graph that is simple and easy to understand.

Tracking events is vital for understanding user behaviour, and how to improve buttons and other interactive content on your website. Contact us today for a full explanation!