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Google Tag Management

When we collect data from different websites, we use tags. It is a simple and effective method of monitoring user behaviour and overall performance. Our preferred tool for this is Google Tag Manager, which is used commonly by most marketing agencies.

So what is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

To start, it is a very similar platform to Google Analytics. They use slightly different software and dashboards to collect snippets and codes from webpages. Tag Manager is a user-friendly tool for installing codes on your site, to monitor results of remarketing and call tracking, for example. Using this, we can also customise HTMLs for optimal speed and loading performance, as well as performing funnel and event tracking. Once it is installed, you do not have to do much more work! We can decide where to place the code on each page in order to deliver the best results for your business. This is particularly useful in the place of a web developer. With this tool, you would only need us to monitor the results and the rest is done for you. No sub-contracts, no faulty communication. We can easily create and manage different users with the right experience for each section.

Read our next page of advice on how to install Google Tag Manager, either with Wordpress or using other platforms for a combined analytics service.