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GTM Best Practice Tags

At Assemble, we follow the golden rules of Google Tag Manager. The tool can be very complex and difficult to understand without practice, so if you are considering using it for your business, it is best to use a professional. This is where we come in! There are a variety of resources online that advise of best practices for GTM. However, nothing beats experience.

If you are not skilled at using Google Tag Manager, there are simple steps that you should still follow. These relate to how to structure your account, using folders, allowing only the right people access to the account, using variables, getting help from developers before using unknown platforms, balancing the number of tags in use at once, and constant monitoring of data and reports.

And the most important? Always test before publishing. We are firm believers of testing and re-testing website tags. If not, there is a possibility that both your website's functionality, along with its data, will be ruined. We are here to make sure this doesn't happen!

We could argue for days about the best practices in GTM! Let us explain it in person instead. Contact us today for a quote for our data and reporting services.