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Install GTM

Google Tag Manager can seem daunting at first to set up and start analysing! After 6 years of digital marketing services, Assemble are well-equipped in the world of analytics. To give a brief overview, you simply need to create an account and choose where to focus the snippet of code. This can be your website or another device, such as mobile iOS or Android systems. Once this is complete, everything is monitored on the GTM dashboards. You can even bring in other software tracking that you use, including Adwords and Facebook Pixels. All your data will be stored in one place for ease.

Not everyone knows about the simplicity of GTM and how beneficial it is for business!

We always make sure that our clients have the basic understanding of our analytics tools. This works better for reporting and you can also use the free tool to monitor any updates. We will explain in detail about the different tags you can install with Google Tag Manager, or how to set up Google Tag Manager on Wordpress.