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Managing 3rd Parties

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage all your tags without editing the code. Tracking the conversion rates of your separate channels allows you to see differences. You can then decide which work and which need to be improved or removed. By tracking these pixels, you can see which third-party website the customer came from, and idenfity the type of audience that they belong to. You can then manage your existing target audience.

Supported third-party tags include the following: Adobe Analytics, Custom HTML, LinkedIn, Mouseflow and Twitter. There is an endless list of other companies that are included within these tag allowances. If your chosen tag is not included in the list for either mobile or web apps, you can create a custom tag. The platform also allows you to edit the tags after analysis. Google Tag Manager checks often for errors and improvements within the system, so your data will always be reliable and delivered on-time. We then add these third-party tags in a collaborative report with Google's own data, so you have data from all directions!