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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple and direct way of connecting with leads. This relates to previous customers and finding new ones. It is also a clever way to reach customers through mobile. We help our clients to develop email marketing templates that are user-friendly for both mobile and desktop, to improve the level of engagement and satisfaction within your target audience. This leads to a higher open rate and click-through rate (CTR).

Do you know all the benefits of email advertising?

It is the number one communication channel in the UK. Studies have found that people are much more likely to buy products if contacted through email than social media. Therefore, it is important to create interesting and personal content. There are a number of platforms that use e-marketing strategies. These include Freshmail, Newzapp and MailChimp campaigns. We use only the best tools to create promotion emails for consumers.

At Assemble, we make sure our clients are always in the loop with the process. We explain about how to optimize emails, the best time to send marketing emails, and the best software and platforms. And of course, regarding the new GDPR email marketing laws!

We would be more than happy to demonstrate our success rate with email marketing services. Please contact us today to see how we can help your business!