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Tools & Software

Email marketing is a spin-off strategy within PPC services. Agencies have recently realised how effective it can be, with the right content. Research highlights the impressive ROI that the service delivers, especially for small businesses. Email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, Drip and MailChimp are therefore becoming more popular.

Here at Assemble, we know to take advantage of email marketing tools to drive customers to your business. For example, good email marketing software should always have a user-friendly interface to create email templates. These can be personalised automatically for ease. It is also important to group your contacts correctly so you can track the performance of email campaigns.

We can advise you on B2B email marketing, how to structure content and which software will work best for your business. Assemble is a professional email marketing agency, whose reviews stem from a variety of clients on email projects. We are dedicated to see your brand thrive and generate leads within a competitive market.