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Paid Search

Here at Assemble, we provide PPC management services for all types of business. Paid Search is vital for driving traffic to your website and generating sales, and this is why hundreds of companies choose to promote their business with Bing Ads and Google. Our years of experience in AdWords management has helped us drive each client to success.

So how much does Google Ads cost?

These search engines offer pay-per-click services, where companies can publish their own advertisements and only pay for the results that they achieve. These ads usually show a 'Sponsored' title so that the user knows they are not organic results. However, the success of your ad is also determined by other factors. These include quality of content, user search context and conversion results. Paid Search results differ for products, where images in their ads are preferred, and services, where text-based ads are preferred.

Assemble uses audience data. Based on previous or similar campaigns, we can predict the age, gender and location of your customers. We can then target a specific audience to give you more effective results. This is useful for beating competitors, as you can change the settings.

If you are looking for a PPC agency in London, look no further! Contact us today.