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Amazon Ads

Are you part of the Google Shopping vs Amazon product ads debate? Well, let us join! This is one of our favourite topics in the world of marketing.

Similar to Google Shopping, searching for keywords in the Amazon bar produces sponsored results, or Amazon Ads. These also show first at the top of the results, and should be displayed as advertisements. E-commerce businesses find this platform very effective to make their brand more visible. You can pay for ads to be displayed in the search menu, but also featured on other unrelated product pages. Similar to Google Ads, Amazon works on a keyword bidding system. You will only be charged when a user clicks on your advertisement. This way, we can optimise your budget so that it reaches a suitable target audience.

A new feature that Amazon have introduced is the concept of video ads in search results. This would work especially well on mobile devices, which is the primary method of web browsing. It is interesting to note that when running a PPC campaign on Amazon, this can affect your overall ranking. For example, if your paid ads are considered of high quality, you will start to improve in organic search results. This means that your product will definitely sell better as time goes on.

If you need somebody to take over or introduce you to Amazon Ads management, contact us! Our team of PPC experts have experience working with Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.