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Bing Ads

Although Google Ads is always the more popular choice, Bing Ads is particularly effective for small and medium-sized businesses. Bing works across other search engines, including Yahoo and AOL. It has a similar bidding system, where advertisers only pay for the clicks achieved. However, Bing has support tools that can help us to identify keywords that money will perhaps be wasted on. It is more flexible also on placement and timings, so you can choose to display adverts only on mobile, for example.

As Bing is less popular than Google, there is less competition for your business. Users who shop on Bing are usually focused on the end purchase, rather than just browsing. This makes it more likely to result in a conversion. Bing also connects to social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, so users can see how established your business is before making a decision. If we connect these platforms, Bing is more likely to rank your ad higher due to reliability.

We are highly skilled in working with niche audiences for any sector. If you are undecided on your PPC strategy and need to discuss your project with us, contact us now! We are more than happy to advise you about our paid services.