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Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising? It is one of the most effective forms of pay-per-click (PPC) strategies online. Display ads can appear on websites, apps and social media, in the form of banners, images and other audiovisual or media content. However, unlike normal PPC ads, they do not appear in search results; instead they are featured on the actual webpage.

There are three different types of display advertising. These include remarketing (either dynamic or standard), acquisition and brand awareness. The purpose of digital display advertising is ultimately to generate leads and sales, and attract more engagement from users.

Why use display advertising?
Due to the variety of display options, this type of advertising reaches the largest audience. You can reach masses of people online, either through apps or webpages. Therefore, the rate for display advertising effectiveness may be higher for large businesses. For small businesses, the targeting is not as niche or specialised as other marketing strategies. However, it is still great for increasing brand awareness.

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