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Google Ads

In the world of Paid Search, Google Ads is one of the top performers. Or should we say deliverers? It works on a bidding schedule, where advertisers bid on certain keywords and only pay when their advertisement is clicked on. If it is of high quality content and visuals, this will generate more clicks, and more clicks mean more leads or sales. If your ads aren't delivering as well as you expected, get in touch! We are a team of experts in paid search.

Google Ads cover a multitude of networks, including YouTube and Google Display Network. These websites have proven very succesful in the number of impressions and conversions they achieve. If your ads are not generating enough interest, it may be wise to improve these aspects first. Keyword research is very important for PPC, as your competitors will all be using this platform. We aim to keep the spend low and click through rate (CTR) high. Your content also needs to stay relevant to the product or service, with high-quality images or video. The most important aspect is your actual website. If a user clicks on your advertisement and lands on a page that is slow to load or is full of technical issues, they will leave immediately. This will create a high bounce rate for your website, and Google will rank the page very low. We can optimise each and every ad to make sure it stays appealing and rewarding to your target audience.

Want to find out more about how Google Ads work?

Find out by getting in touch! Google Ads cost is rather low compared it its results, and in some cases you can start with free credit.