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Remarketing or retargeting is a super effective method of advertising. Advertisements are shown to users based on their previous search and browsing history, with the hope of gaining new customers. This is a clever way to reach users that could have missed out. Remarketing ads can be shown through a number of platforms, including social media and search engines. The two main platforms we use are Google Ads and Facebook. We are a dedicated remarketing agency in London that produces fast and impressive results!

Google Ads remarketing campaigns reach out to users through Google Display Network. We target customers using videos, images and great content. We can track tags and pixels attached to your website to monitor user activity. Facebook remarketing works in a similar way, by targeting users who have visited your business Facebook page or website through Facebook links previously. We can either use sponsored posts that performed well organically, or create a brand new creative campaign to draw customers in.

Frequent questions that you may ask yourself are how to set up remarketing lists, or where to place Google remarketing codes. Assemble can answer any questions you may have regarding remarketing strategies, so get in touch today!