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YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world behind its owner, Google. It works in a similar pay-per-click format to Google Ads. With TrueView, advertisers only pay when their video is clicked on, and this usually ends in a conversion. YouTube advertising is particularly effective in the present day. Most video watches happen on mobile devices, which are now more popular than desktop or laptops. Therefore, we need to be smart with marketing strategies and take advantage of our audience.

Wondering how to get your ads on YouTube?

There are many different types of YouTube ad formats that can be promoted. Some TrueView advertisements can be skipped at the beginning of a video. These are easy-to-watch videos, promoting products or services. These ads are great for customer engagement, due to their call-to-action button that requires users to visit your website or make a conversion.

TrueView advertisements can be found:
1. In-Stream. These play during videos and in Google's own apps and games. A form of display advertising, such as a banner, is displayed on the page. This link to takes users directly to your website. In-stream helps to keep YouTube ad costs low, as you are only required to pay when the audience has watched more than 30 seconds of video, and the videos are skippable.
2. In-Display. These are found next to videos, or at the top of search results. You will be charged as soon as the ad is clicked on to watch.

Non-skippable ads, bumper ads, demographic targeting, video re-marketing, overlay ads... we could go on forever! YouTube advertising is endless, so if your business is not taking advantage of the platform, it needs to be!