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Paid Social

At Assemble, we specialise in both paid and organic social advertising. Our team of social media enthusiasts are familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We even try out more overlooked platforms intended for music and web-chat. Anything can count as social media if you think about it! Paid social is one of the most effective strategies. You first need to think about the individual platforms you are using. For example, Facebook tells the story about your campaign. Instagram provides the visuals. LinkedIn builds your brand. We work these platforms together to reach out to the target and lookalike audiences.

In particular, Facebook Ads find people most likely to take interest in your business. If they have interacted with similar pages, this is the perfect chance to reach out. Paid Social media campaigns can boost your online presence to drive sales and leads. You can also choose to optimise your budget, only spending money when results are achieved. At Assemble, we work with your business to first identify goals and then to succeed. The modern world concerns all things digital!

If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable paid social agency, we want to hear from you. Contact us today!