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Spotify Ads

Have you ever thought about using just audio clips in advertising?

We are sure many people have not, which is why Spotify Ads are so unique and engaging. Spotify works on a membership basis, which means that users who do not pay for monthly subscriptions are required to listen to sponsored advertisements. These can pop after every 2-6 songs and last for around 15 seconds. However, Spotify Ads are always changing, so the frequency of when they are played can vary!

When we use Ad Studio in Spotify, we create a voiceover advertisement with a musical background. Depending on the stance of your business, we make it suited for you. Ads can be informative, humorous or creative. Spotify then uses data from both your business and the user to find the most relevant listeners; based on gender, age, location, recent activity and even music taste! These can be shared over desktop or mobile for context, although the mobile app is always the more popular device. We then set the budget and optimise advertisements depending on our data outcomes and results.

This can all sound confusing, so sit back and leave the hard work to us! We can work together to help you create the best Spotify ads for your business. We will listen to understand your objectives, and then so will the customers!