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Twitter Ads

Digital and social media platforms are growing rapidly every year. At Assemble Digital, we make the most of the latest technology and trends. When it comes to paid social advertising, one of the best platforms to use for small businesses is Twitter. There are three different types of ads on Twitter, including sponsored tweets, accounts and trends. Users are encouraged to interact with these paid posts in the same way as organic ones.

By using Twitter Ads, you will only pay when another user retweets, favourites or clicks and replies to your advertisement. It is a useful tool that allows your business to interact directly with your customers. For example, if a user searches similar keywords to those used in your campaign, your promoted ad may later be shown. Twitter uses user information, including their followed accounts and recent activity to recommend relevant content for them. For smaller companies, it is easier to seek a more niche audience based on location and local interests.

We are a professional marketing consultancy who can help with any inquiry you may have. If you want to be a leading business with the best advertising, please contact us today where we can discuss further.