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Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital for any content marketing, PPC or SEO strategy. We can discover the exact searches and questions that users are looking for in online search engines. With regard to SEO, keyword research can improve the quality of a webpage and as a result, it will have better rankings on search engines. These happen both organically and as part of a paid campaign. At Assemble, we focus on attracting the right kind of traffic. Our aim is to appeal to users searching for content that matches your website, so it is more likely to turn into a conversion or sale.

Our preferred keyword research tool is created by SEMrush. It provides a list of the most common searches, along with questions that users may ask in voice search. This is perhaps the best keyword research tool if you want to analyse the volume, cost-per-click (CPC) and competitiveness of searches. We have optimised a number of client websites by focusing on target keywords. In particular, we take advantage of those with low competitive numbers in order to beat other brands! You can also use SEMrush to see competitor keyword research. By viewing what their customers search for, we can tailor our content and search engine listings to match.

Our knowledge of long-tail keyword research allows you to grow business for a niche market with a higher intent of purchasing. These are more specific keywords that a user searches for, not only to browse, but to make a conversion. Therefore, they bring a smaller but more relevant amount of traffic. Whether you are planning an organic or paid search campaign, we can help! We have years of expertise within keyword research services.