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SEO Audits

Before taking any steps to optimise your SEO strategies, firstly we will need to conduct an SEO audit. Your website will be checked for common issues and mistakes. Often, businesses do not realise why their web traffic is low, or why they are not seeing many leads and conversions. This is due to a lack of visibility on search engines. Using our SEO audit checklist, here are some of the issues that we have discovered and subsequently corrected for our clients:


  • Lack of keywords. We use keyword research tools to find what users are searching for and generate more website traffic from your audience.
  • Poorly-written content. Our creative copywriting team incorporates these keywords into well-written and informative text.
  • Slow site and loading speed. We optimise code, URLs and images to make pages load faster so that your bounce rate decreases.
  • No local SEO strategy. We localise your website with directories, reviews and online platforms to make your business recognised.
  • Redirect pages. This causes frustration for the user having to wait additional time. We check for incorrect URLs and spelling issues.
  • Broken links, indexing and crawl errors. Using Google Search Console, we identify the problem to see where and why it happened.
  • Difficult to navigate interface. We use conversion optimisation tools to create a user-friendly platform that brings users back to the site.

Contact us to hear a full explanation about our free SEO audits. Whether you are looking for a technical SEO audit or one that is more content and keyword based, we can help!