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Log File Analysis

What is log file analysis?

Every request made to your web server is being recorded in a log file. This allows you to understand how search engines such as Google crawl your website and what information they find. Log files provide a history of page requests on your website to analysis. All you have to do is collect the data and filter by requests. Data can include the user's IP address, timestamp and URL.

Analysing log files allows us to see how search engines are crawling and indexing your website. We can then identify issues with technical features and suggest improvements to correct. Some examples include:
1. Where and to what extent your crawl budget is being wasted.
2. Helping you to find 404 and other error pages, and fix them for future reference.
3. Determining why some pages are prioritised and if some have crawling and indexing problems.

We use log file analysis software to collect the data. Popular platforms are SEMRush and Python, which our team is very skilled in. Log file analysis tools allow us to extract specific information that will help to improve technical SEO strategies. If you are looking for an agency with skill and expertise in the SEO field, look no further!