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Social Media for Start-ups

Social media is a great platform to help build your start-up business. When promoted organically, it is very affordable, but you will firstly need a clear plan to make it work for your business. The importance that you place on your target audience is the key to long term success. We aim to engage and interact with your audience, in order to build trust and loyalty over a long-term period.

We place high importance of social media for start-up companies. At Assemble, we use analytics tools through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to determine a number of things. These can include the location of users, amount of time spent on the internet and how active they are on social media. We can then schedule organic posts for times with the most engagement, to users with a similar following. This way, no targeting will be wasted on an irrelevant audience.

As a social media agency for start-ups, we help people build their online presence. We can help to identify your target market and make it work holistically. Contact us to get your first consultation and start your successful business today!