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Magento is a complex CMS system, mainly used for e-commerce websites. Users have the power to control the design, content and functionality of their own website in a way that suits the needs of their business.

Magento is a great platform for search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing, due to its structure of content and user-friendly interface that draws customers in. For a quick design, there are templates for e-commerce websites called Magento themes. These are simple layouts that allow you to replicate files, graphics and modules from other example websites. It is worth noting that e-commerce brands should also appeal to international clients. Magento allows you to customise currencies and languages for the website, as well as browsers. Most websites are mobile-optimised for iPhones and Android devices, given the rise in mobile browsing over the recent years.

Magento pricing can vary, depending on the services that you require. Many of the Magento extensions are free, but you must pay for some that are more complex or tailored to your business needs. You will also need to find another hosting service, which we are familiar with. Magento hosting can cost a fair amount, but if you are looking for maximum security and privacy for your website, it is better to be safe than sorry!

If you are finding the design process difficult and looking for a Magento agency for your website, then look no further! Our team of Magento developers have years of experience working with such technical platforms. We can even link your Magento website with our Google Analytics tool. This allows us to show you insights into audience behaviour, and then we can make improvements to ensure a higher rate of conversions in the future. The benefits are endless!