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Hosting Management

Web hosting is a service that allows your webpage to be seen on the internet. You obtain a website domain, along with email addresses and storage space. There are many different options when you decide to set up a web hosting service. You can select a subscription bundle, build and create a coded website from scratch, or choose a CMS tool such as WordPress.

At Assemble, we think that the best web hosting method is through CMS tools. WordPress, Django and Magento are all popular options. These offer cheap web hosting internal platforms that are perfect for start-up and medium-sized businesses. We also make sure that the host and server work well together for your security. We look after a range of managed Wordpress hosting platforms, as well as other individual platforms that may be better suited to your business. Depending on the purpose of your website, this will vary. It is essential to back-up your website, especially if there is lots of text, imagery or video content.

If you would like to take adavantage of our web hosting services, get in touch! A professional web hosting service ensures that you are provided with technical support, always. If there is a problem or you want to make changes to the website, the technicians will sort the problems straight away. This means that you can focus on your business and not worry about other faults.