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User Experience Design

What is UX design?

User Experience refers to the process of creating a meaningful and relevant service for customers. This can be in the form of products, or in the case of digital marketing, a website. The designer is concerned with branding, usability and functionality. If your brand has an online presence, your website will be the main point of contact for users. Therefore, it is essential to create a fun and interactive platform.

Our UX design process ensures that customers leave your website feeling positive and well-informed. This will gradually lead to a higher conversion rate and produce long-term results. We don't just focus on the visuals - our aim is to increase profits for your business and improve overall experience.

Firstly, we use UX design tools such as Optimizely to collect data. This data is based on user behaviour on your website, to analyse which aspects work and which do not. Then, we use other optimising tools to create a brand-new interface that is better suited for your audience. We work with our clients throughout the whole process. Based on your brand's goals and vision, we follow these basic UX design principles:
1. Meet the user's needs.
2. Consistency and familiarity of design.
3. Accessibility for everyone.

Assemble is a UX design agency based in Kings Cross, London. We work with local and international businesses of any industry, so get in touch! We can perform a free audit of your website to see how user-friendly it is, and what improvements can be made.