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Web Maintenance

As well as building and hosting your website, we also provide web maintenance services. Website maintenance refers to ongoing support for a wide range of our services. We have a web maintenance checklist that includes content, technical SEO, plug-ins and WordPress management.

How much does web maintenance cost?
This depends. A larger customised website with more special and technical aspects will cost more. Smaller companies with less traffic can also expect to pay less on both web design and maintenance costs. However, website maintenance will always cost less in the long-term than website repair. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of your website, or else precious data can be lost.

We use web maintenance software such as Google Analytics to test your website performance. If there are issues to be improved, we can advise you on the best service for your business. Here, we bring in our A/B testing tools to check these new implementations. Work with us to ensure your website runs faster, ranks higher and makes more conversions!