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Prime Burger

Taking advantage of email marketing, using useful, interesting and non-invasive strategies to promote a small local business.

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  • To drastically improve email open and click-through-rates.
  • Increase the number of conversions on the website, including bookings and page interactions.
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty through personalised email contact.
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  • Using data analytics platforms to understand the target audience's past behaviour and engagement with emails.
  • Creating email workflows in a personal and specialised manner.
  • Focusing on subject lines, improving the UX design and exploring relevant content to appeal more to the target audience and improve performance.

The Results

Open Rate

Open rate increased from 7% to 45%, above competitive industry benchmarks.

Increased Conversions

Achieved thousands of website conversions and online interactions.

Increased Click-Through-Rates

CTR soared up to 10% from a previous 1-2%.