The Challenge

Colicci, a family run business of cafes and kiosks located in several major London parks, needed help to position their brand in a highly competitive market while collaborating with the parks, such as The Royal Parks. Combining the brand identities of Colicci and the parks without losing its market recognition wasn’t easy, so we supported them in developing a unique & new brand identity, while incorporating both brand strategies.

The Solution

In order to maintain brand recognition of the Colicci brand and the separate London parks brands and to increase Colicci’s local brand awareness, we created unique designs that would become recognisable to Colicci’s kiosks in the parks. The design has been implemented through all brand assets, from printed cups to ice cream vans and online materials. The bold and eye-catching designs celebrate the balance of nature and quality coffee, which we brought to life through illustrative patterns and vivid colours that capture the brand spirit.

The Effects

Our refreshed brand identity with its distinctive image played a significant role in increasing Colicci’s brand recognition and positive sentiment among its target audience, while maintaining its core brand identity and incorporating London’s major parks brand strategies.