Magical Lantern Festival

The Challenge

Selling tickets for Magical Lantern Festival

Weli Creative planned to expand their event Magical Lantern Festival UK wide. This expansion meant selling event tickets for 3 festivals over a four month lead time.

The Solution

Optimised for conversions.

In order to reach the goals and sell their event tickets, we utilised conversion optimised advertising in particularly on Facebook and Instagram, among other methods. This allowed us to give a real time cost per conversion to our client, which helped them inform how and when they spent their advertising budget. It also enabled us to reach the target audience that is most likely to convert.

We talk your language.

Significance of content and speed of understanding are key elements in a successful paid social campaign, with our creative team we developed on brand image and video content to engage the target audience.

Relevancy wins the day.

Targeting our audiences based on culturally and demographically appropriate interests alongside data sets drawn from our target groups increased the relevancy of this campaign and allowed us to talk to people in a way they understand.

The Effects

Leads to order.

A combination of precise targeting and creative content helped Magical Lantern Festival boost its brand awareness and tickets sales. Its campaign achieved: