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Call Tracking

Call tracking is an analytical tracking service that records the interaction between a business and customer online. It is used to see what marketing activity brings users to your website. This can be from search results in Google, display advertisements or your own paid search campaign. The software generates a unique number for each user so the business is able to identify the caller. It is a good idea to measure how effective each of your marketing strategies is. Call tracking allows you to understand whether your PPC, SEO or social media campaigns deliver the most results. You can then optimise each service to drive more traffic to the website, either organically or through paid advertising.

We provide a thorough call tracking software comparison to see which suits the volume and demands of your business. Platforms such as CallRail and ResponseTap help us to idenfity your lead sources in order to focus on optimising your website content. This will then generate a higher return on investment (ROI). We collect and store your data together so that it is useful and easy to understand. If you dislike working with numbers and figures, get in touch today - our team of data enthusiasts are here to help!