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CTR Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) refers to our understanding of website traffic. We want users to perform an action when they visit a website, whether that be a purchase, download or newsletter sign-up. Therefore, by optimising certain aspects of a website, this will make a sale or interaction more likely. The online aim of a business is to convert browsers into customers.

A click-through-rate (CTR) is the percentage of users who clicked on an ad divided by how many it was shown to. The higher the CTR, the more successful the advertisement. This should suggest a higher number of conversions, due to more traffic on the website's page. However, this depends on the website speed, performance and a number of other issues. Conversion optimisation is very similar to search engine optimisation (SEO). They both have similar goals, to improve usability and visibility.

Firstly, websites must have interesting and engaging content. This can be through product pages, blogs or social media posts. Content must contain keywords that users are searching for. There are keyword research tools which we discuss in the SEO section, showing the highest ranking searches on Google. This helps to attract a target audience, either broad or niche. There are also a number of A/B testing tools to identify small issues that can be improved. Whether the images are too large, font is too small or the call to action button is not demanding enough, the little things really do matter. The outcome of conversion optimisation should be to outshine your competitors.

Competition can be healthy! Contact us for an evaluation of your business, and see how you could improve.