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Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a reporting tool that converts data into charts and reports that are simple and easy to understand. These can be generated in different contexts, to give directly to clients, colleagues or management team. If your business sets KPIs, this is the perfect tool to monitor sales activity and generate regular reports. It is a very user-friendly tool that can be shared with other platforms, meaning that all your data will be stored in one place.

Data Studio allows you to pull information from other data sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords and YouTube. You can also connect with non-Google platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This saves time creating a brand-new report for each piece of data! In addition, there are already Google Data Studio templates for each service, ranging from content marketing to SEO to paid search templates.

Although it is a detailed reporting tool, it is fairly easy to learn Google Data Studio. Our team are experts in this field now! Instead of taking a tutorial, leave the data and analytics in our hands. Contact us now for a quote!