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E-Commerce Optimisation

SEO for e-commerce websites needs a slightly different approach from our normal techniques. Users browse these websites with the intention to buy a product. Therefore every step of the process influences them towards making a purchase or leaving the page. This includes text, images and the usability rating. Therefore, all aspects of the website need to be optimised in order to boost your leads and sales.

At Assemble, we have an expert SEO team who have experience working for a range of e-commerce brands. From user flow to navigation to mobile optimisation, we have it all covered. After conducting an audit of your website, we can decide what needs to be improved. This could involve adding breadcrumbs for better navigation or URL structuring for better performance. We are more than happy to share our SEO tips for e-commerce sites.

If you are looking to thrive in sales and brand visibility, contact us our e-commerce SEO agency today. We work with both start-up and larger scale businesses, with the same aim of developing your SEO performance for the better.