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SERP Optimisation

An aim of SEO is to strategically create title tags and meta-descriptions that will be eye-catching on search engines such as Google. This will then make your organic traffic rise in search results and maximise your click-through-rate (CTR). The process of this is called SERP Optimisation.

If you are a small business, you have to accept that you may not rank highly for certain keywords above bigger competitors. However, we use Google's SERP snippet optimisation tool, which allows us to create listings that will stand out from the rest. Using keywords, numbers and call-to-action phrases are the best ways of obtaining a high score. The tool advises the best practice for the title, URL and other snippets of a search result. In a similar way, we use Google's CTR tool to optimise titles and meta-descriptions, making sure that each page has an engaging and persuasive listing.

Using our tools, we can provide your business with a free SERP and CTR listing audit. See how you can improve your organic search results with such a free and simple method!