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Voice Search

How does voice search work?

These apps are becoming more popular each day, due to their simplicity and usefulness. Users can now ask questions on-the-go, whether they are in the car, at the gym or cooking. It is a very easy way of finding information without having to type.

Voice search produces results on both mobile or desktop devices, which tend to produce similar or the same results. We work with popular voice search assistants, such as Siri across Apple and Cortana across Microsoft devices. Amazon and Google have also created voice search hubs with personal assistants that are very useful for detecting patterns in user behaviour.

In order for your website to appear more user-friendly for voice search, there are some aspects to consider. Local SEO optimisation is very useful for users that search for products 'near me'. We also suggest adapting content on your website slightly so that it is more conversational. Then, when users ask questions on Google, your own helpful page will appear.

Voice search is our future. With this in mind, businesses should start taking advantage of voice search optimisation before the rest of the crowd. This will set your brand aside in search engine rankings on platforms including Google and Apple. Our voice search marketing agency is eager to understand how users search for information online, and how Google processes this information. Our attitudes towards search engines have changed in the last few years, and will continue to change. If you want to start producing results with voice search SEO, get in touch.