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Burger & Lobster

Using content marketing and gamification strategies as a vehicle to drive Burger & Lobster's message online, increasing brand awareness of the well-known restaurant chain.

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  • Launching a new restaurant chain, Smack, which is part of the Burger & Lobster family.
  • Developing innovative and creative ideas to help drive awareness online.
  • Maintaining the original feel and principals of the brand that have gained reputation and success for years.
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  • Using PR and Outreach strategies across the streets of SoHo to gain attention of both tourists and locals.
  • Made the most of gamification strategies, creating an online 'Lobster Battle' to engage and attract the target audience.
  • Effective mix of street and digital activation.
  • Marketing techniques focused on unique content and campaigns, rather than everyday social media posts and interactions.

The Results

Launch Day

Turnout of 1,000 visitors to the new opening of Smack.

Soared Impressions

Drove around 1m impressions to their website.

Online Brand Awareness

Promoted the 'Lobster Battle' campaign on Facebook, which gained interaction both online and on the streets of London.