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Tileyard Education

Increasing Tileyard Education's visability amongst their target audience through online Display Marketing strategies.

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  • Helping an independent musical higher education institution to promote their extremely competitive services online.
  • Drive brand awareness and visibility amongst the target audience.
  • Reduce conversion costs by creating effective and appropriate content and website targeting.
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  • Designed an innovative display campaign, driving ad impressions to the keywords that mattered most.
  • Using a combination of content creation and messaging aligned with keywords and user behaviour to target and retarget previous visitors of the website.
  • Understanding the audience through SEO and data, matching the audience to keywords and visual content.

The Results

Reduced CPI

Retargeting tactics reduced cost-per-impressions to under £0.05, and reduced the overall cost-per-click rate by 75%.

Ad Views

Achieved a 140% increase in ad views through display marketing.

Web Traffic

Drove an increase in website traffic by 50%, representing a cost-per-click rate of under £1.